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Interactive Amazon Seller Map

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The perfect seller locator

Whether you're looking for new products to sell or you're an agency that provides services to Amazon sellers, locate thousands of sellers across the planet. The Seller Map shows you a global map and narrows down where sellers are located. Available in marketplaces below: United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy, and more.

Build relationships with local Amazon businesses


Explore Sellers in Your Neighborhood

Filter millions of sellers by state or country using advanced map filters. Search multiple zip codes to discover sellers within U.S. states.

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Seller Data

Gain Inside Knowledge on Amazon Businesses

Each seller's information includes their name, business entity, address, brands, products, and more.

Seller Finder
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Warm Leads and Growing Clientele

Network and assist dozens of Amazon businesses who need your services. Meet warm leads and convert sellers you want to work with.

Seller Finder

Discover sellers across the globe that match your needs with the Seller Map.

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Real-Time Seller Data

Whether you're looking for new products or new leads, get real data in real time.

Business Breakdowns

Highlight any seller and break down their business model, brands, products, and more.

Competitive Landscape

Analyze the amount of competition in your zip code to see if your business is viable.

Find Warm Leads

Explore which products and brands the competition is selling to find hidden gems and winning products.

Seller Network

For agencies looking to find new clientele, the Seller Map provides sellers that match your exact needs!

Sync with Our FBA Tools

Narrow down on specific sellers on the Seller Map and track their growth and sales progress with the Seller Finder.

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