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Sellgo is the seller database platform of choice for thousands of top Amazon seller agencies worldwide. Try it free. No credit card required. Contact us if you need help.

The next comprehensive Amazon Seller Database, after Amazon

As Amazon selling becomes more and more popular, there has been an emergence of sellers joining Amazon FBA and FBM. What if you could find hundreds of thousands of sellers instantly? Now you can.

An Amazon seller network within reach

New Clientele

Encounter Warm Leads and New Customers

Easily identify Amazon businesses and sellers who can become potential clients for your business.

Seller Finder
User Segments

Expand to New User Segments

Pinpoint thousands of sellers who are looking for new software and selling solutions to expand and optimize their businesses.

Seller Finder
Brand and Business Finder

Locate Specific Brands and Businesses

Follow the leads back to the suppliers and start sourcing the same products. Add the products to your Buy Box strategy and take over new profitable products.

Seller Finder

Connect with thousands of sellers and potential clients
with Sellgo's Seller Database.

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Free forever. No credit card required. Instant access.

Sellgo is the tool you'll need for selling on Amazon.

Whether you are searching for Wholesale sellers, Brands sellers, or Private Label sellers,
we help you build and grow your Amazon business.

Brand Inspector

Find Wholesaler-friendly brands or get a glimpse into your competitor's brands they are currently selling and use it to expand your catalogs.

ASIN Explorer

Reveal all the ASINs your competitors are selling and reverse source to find new suppliers and profitable products.

SKU Shadowing

Spy on your competitor's stock levels and integrate the intel into your Buy Box strategy.

Seller Comparison

Measure your stats against your competitors like seller ratings, seller scores, and product reviews.

Cherry Pick Strategy

Choose and take the most profitable items from other catalogs and make them your own.

Sync with Our FBA Tools

Take your findings from the Seller Finder and use the Product Tracker and discover more Buy Box opportunities.

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Free forever. No credit card required. Instant access.