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5 Useful Seller Tools For Every Amazon FBA Seller

Published on: Wed Mar 31 2021

Written by Tony Do

What Amazon tools are you using? If the answer is none, check out these 5 free seller tools that can help promote and grow your Amazon FBA or FBM business!

16 - 5 Free Seller Tools that Every Amazon FBA Seller Should Use

Want to optimize your Amazon business and maximize earnings? Check out these 5 useful, free, and easy-to-us tools that every seller should use to grow their Amazon FBA business!

Every person needs their tools. Like athletes needing their equipment or even Batman needing his utility belt, an Amazon seller’s tools are essential to maintaining their business. There are hundreds of different FBA tools, but today, we’ll be focusing on 5 FREE, downloadable, and easy-to-use tools that every Amazon FBA seller should be using.

Some of these tools you may already be very familiar with, but we’re going to be showing you some advanced tips and tricks that will set you above the competition and will help you develop your Amazon business and competitive strategy. By using these tools consistently, any seller can make their business more efficient while also being very cost-effective.

Amazon Shopping App

Everyone knows of Amazon and almost everyone has the Amazon app on their smartphones. If you online shop at all, you probably have the app already installed on your phone. While most people use the Amazon app for online shopping, did you know sellers can also use the shopping app to find potential products to sell? We want to show you two hacks that can help expand your Amazon FBA catalog!

Amazon Frequently Bought Together

When you’re looking at a product page on Amazon, you scroll down and see this section called “Frequently Bought Together”. Sometimes you might look at the other products you can buy together, or sometimes you don’t even bother and scroll right past it. But if you’re an Amazon seller, you should definitely be taking a look. The Frequently Bought Together section provides insight into what customers are already buying together.

If you sell one of those items, you should consider expanding your catalog to include those 2-3 additional products alongside the one you’re already selling. Not only does it lead to higher sales and potential profits, but it also allows sellers to get rid of more stock that has been sitting around or it can be replenished if you want to keep selling these product packages. In some cases, all of the products that are frequently bought together may also come from the same manufacturer. If you already have a relationship with a wholesale manufacturer, make sure to ask about their wholesale catalog and see what items you can order in bulk!

Amazon Keyword Tool and Amazon Search Bar Tricks

Lots of people are unfamiliar or unaware of the search bar tricks on Amazon’s shopping app. Whenever you type in a product on Amazon, you might see that Amazon suggests various phrases or terms similar to what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re shopping for a gaming mouse and search for it on Amazon, they might suggest other related products like “gaming mouse pads” or even specific brands like “gaming mouse SteelSeries.” This isn’t a coincidence! Amazon has tons of data on their customers and they know that people shopping for gaming mouses are frequently looking for gaming pads for their mouses or they want a specific name brand like Steelseries. You can do this for any product! Beauty, home and kitchen, electronics; any item you can think of, Amazon will provide you with additional keywords that are popular and related to that first item.

How can sellers use this trick? If you’re looking to expand your catalog, use Amazon’s search bar to see what people are actively shopping for! By using this trick, you can easily identify popular product categories and strong performing products that will help you expand your business and lead to higher sales and more profit in your pocket!

Amazon Seller App

The most obvious and essential tool that all Amazon sellers should be using is the Amazon Seller app. The Amazon Sellers app is the hub for your Amazon business. The app will allow you to manage and monitor your business such as viewing your sales performance, inventory tracking, and editing product photos. While all of these features are vital for your Amazon business, we want to discuss the underrated but just as important features you can use the Seller app for.

For starters, the Sellers app allows you to look up and identify any product’s ASIN or “Amazon Standard Identification Number”. This feature is essential to sellers at every level who need to find products and their ASIN numbers to manage inventory and expand their catalogs. If you aren’t using this feature yet, check it out as soon as possible and integrate it into your business procedures and strategy.

In addition to the ASIN identification feature, the next underrated feature is the customer support chat feature. The Seller app allows any seller to contact and chat with potential buyers who ask questions about the products you’re selling. While some may not care about this feature, we encourage all sellers to take this seriously. Your company’s brand and image are built by your customers. If you have top-of-the-line customer support, buyers will note that and reward you by becoming loyal customers and buying more of your products. This is how you build your business and brand image; by talking and building those strong relationships with your customers.

FBA Calculator

We’ve talked about the Amazon FBA calculator quite often, and focused on it in our past article on the Profit Calculator, but this tool is so important that we had to bring it up again! The FBA calculator is free to use as a tool that is located in Amazon’s Seller Central. Long story short, the FBA calculator enables sellers to calculate the profitability of any product they want to sell. They do so by allowing sellers to input the cost of an item and the selling price, then incorporate all the potential costs of selling that product such as the shipping price, FBA fees, and sellers fees. Sellers can use the FBA calculator to determine the potential profitability of a product before they even put in an order from the supplier.

This tool is one of the most important because sellers can reduce the risk of poor performing or negative profit products. While the FBA calculator is not perfect by any means, it is the first line of defense for sellers to weed out bad products. We always want to remind sellers that the calculator should only be used for estimation purposes since there might be additional costs that are not included in the calculator such as additional shipping fees, packaging fees, etc. that can impact the profitability of items. So if you’re not sure, make sure to double, triple, or even quadruple check!


Camelcamelcamel is one of our favorite free-to-use tools for both shoppers and FBA sellers. Camelcamelcamel specializes in two primary data analytics: high-selling popular products and Amazon history price tracking. If you want to find popular products to sell on Amazon or affordable products to stock up your inventory, Camelcamelcamel provides both of these on their website and through their Chrome Extension. For sellers. they should frequently and consistently check up on Camelcamelcamel to see what products are currently trending. If a product is performing very well, it may be worth trying to contact a manufacturer to help expand and build your Amazon business catalog. Camelcamelcamel will include each product’s link, best price, list price, and average price. That should provide you with enough information to decide if a product has the potential to be profitable.

Along with popular products, sellers and buyers can track price history and look for price drops. Price drops can be high-value products that sellers can buy for cheap and then resell for a profit. While this strategy is not the most profitable, it provides a lot of short-term and incremental benefits for smaller sellers who are looking to build experience with Amazon FBA.

Sellgo Chrome Extension

The last FBA tool we want to discuss is Sellgo’s Chrome Extension. The Sellgo Chrome extension is the ultimate tool for any FBA seller. To use the Chrome Extension, just head to the Chrome Web Store and search and install the Sellgo Chrome Extension into your browser. After it finishes installing, it’ll be ready to use right away. Simply search up any product on Amazon then click on the Sellgo logo on the top right of Google Chrome. Then, a window will pop-up on your screen with a list of all the products related to your search. The information is extremely valuable. Next to every product photo and title will include important key performance indicators such as the price, monthly sales, reviews, ratings, and the product’s best-seller ranking!

Why should you care about this tool? Well, it provides you with all of the information you need to find winning, high-selling, and high-profitable products! By using the Chrome Extension with Sellgo’s other tools (Search Management, Profit Finder, Product Tracker), any seller can find products that can help accelerate the growth of their business. You can use these tools instead of the ones we previously mentioned, and the best part: it helps sellers at every stage of the FBA process.

First, sellers can find profitable products and the Search Management tool will help you identify and contact manufacturers. Once you have a wholesale account and sign the contract, you can get a wholesale catalog from your supplier and upload it to Sellgo’s Profit Finder to organize all the potentially profitable products to stock up on. Then after you put in an order and start selling, the Product Tracker will keep track of your stock and inventory to let you know when to restock popular items! From start to finish, Sellgo’s FBA tools will help you run your business!

While the Chrome Extension is free to download, we want to note that Sellgo has a premium subscription service to utilize all of its tools. But don’t worry! If you want to try out Sellgo’s product and services, they have a free 7-day trial for any seller to test out their products! We promise you, once you use these tools, you won’t want to stop!

Building Your Resources with Amazon Seller Tools

The true reality of Amazon FBA is that a seller’s tools can determine how successful and how profitable their business will be. The best FBA sellers are the ones with the best resources and tools and can use their resources to optimize their Amazon business. A seller’s tools empower their business owners to become more efficient, and consistent all while being cost-effective. If you are looking to accelerate the growth of your business or are trying to find profitable products to increase your earnings, we cannot stress how vital tools can be to help you accomplish your goals. Whatever tools you decide to use, be sure to build up those resources and maximize your business with reliable FBA tools!

If you want a jumpstart to find the best tools, visit our website and consider our tools at sellgo.com!

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